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UC Davis - Landscape Architecture Courtyard Project 2013

UC Davis Landscape Architecture - Courtyard Project 2013

Brought to you by the UC Davis Landscape Architecture Class of 2015!

UC Davis Landscape Architecture Class of 2015

Before Photo around 2010
First-Hand sketch of Courtyard Design by Greg Webber

After Photo on December 2013

The goal of this project is to introduce the process, documents, materials and methods of construction. We focus on making design decisions regarding detail configuration, material choices, sustainability, and construction techniques. The space is designed for public-use, sustainable, cost-effective, and functionality. 

"In honor of the LDA 160, I'm sharing the process book that I put together. It summarizes the entire 160 project from start to finish"

Special Thanks to Danica Liongson

More Photos

Night Time

Day Time

First-built UC Davis Green Wall
Slide Show Link:

Special Thanks to Nate Oakley, Salli Sticlaru, Danica Liongson, Sean Vang and everyone else for the great pictures.

Special Thanks to Professor Keith Wilson and Haven Kiers!

Group Divisions:

Green Wall Group
Seat Wall Group
Water Feature Group
Planting Group
Signage Group
Lighting Group


Sponsored by:

Red Leaf Developments

Hunter Industries

The Toro Company

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Ben Hu 
Bachelors of Science in Landscape Architecture
Minor in Film Studies
University of California, Davis