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 University of California, Davis VSA 2013 BIKE-A-THON



Bike-a-ton 2012 will be held on May 4th: Bike-a-ton is a full-day adventure for charity! Bikers get pledges on every mile they bike, then to bike to Sacramento and back, and the day ends with a pool party and BBQ. Please contact us for more information on how to get involved in this wonderful events, we are looking for bikers, bike lenders, and volunteers! 

Philanthropy Co-Chairs - Pha-le Nguyen and Henry Lam
How many members do you have?

Our membership varies every year from 40 to 60 individuals, although we do have a total amount of 426 members on our facebook group, where the more current updates are available for members that cannot come to our general meetings consistently.
AGGIETV - UC Davis VSA Bike-a-Thon 2013 News Coverage:
The Vietnamese Student Association hosted The VSA Bike-a-thon on May 4th, 2013! It was a 30 mile round trip from Davis to Sacramento. Students and Alumni gathered on this sunny day to enjoy good company and practice a healthy lifestyle, all while supporting the Blue Dragon foundation.

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Filmed and Edited by: Ruben Rojas and Eugene Arai

 Website News Coverages:

Sacramento Region: May is for Bike Month

"This group organized a charity ride from Davis to the Capitol today. Tons of purple shirts out there today" - 2013

Imaginary Zebra //IZ

UC Davis Bike-a-Thon 2011 Tshirt Design
Credits: Imaginary Zebra //IZ

"Cow/Cattle is known to many as a sign of Davis, it was also used by VSA for the past t-shirts, so I thought I’d continue the tradition but adding my own twist." - Benson 2011


UC Davis Dateline 


"Which reminds us, have you registered for the VSA UCD Bike A Thon, May 4, 2013?" - UC Davis Dateline 2013


Past events/activities:

We always meet for general meetings at least once a month, have potluck socials where everyone can come out to eat and mingle. Fundraisers for our philanthropy such as date auctions, cultural food nights, and mixers with other organizations, and trips off campus!
2013 UC Davis Bike-a-thon Group Photo
Photography Credit: Standford Vietnamese Student Association
Special Thanks:

Crystal Huynh-KimPresident
Suzie LamInternal Vice
Jonathan Minh-Man TranExternal Vice
Ben HuPublicity Committee
David Dat-Trinh               Historian Co-Chair
Steven Chu               Historian Co-Chair
Angeline Hong               Culture Show Co-Chair
Diem Le               Culture Show Co-Chair
Henry Lam               Philanthropy Co-Chair
Pha-Le Nguyen               Philanthropy Co-Chair
Dana Pham-Tran             Publication Chair     

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Sacramento Region: May is for Bike Month

Official Website:
Coverage Link:

Imaginary Zebra //IZ
Official Website:
UC Davis 2011 Bikathon Tshit Design Process: 

Standford Vietnamese Student Association
Official Website:

 For more information on UC Davis's Bike-a-Thon, please visit the following:

Facebook Group:

Or its Primary Group - UC Davis Vietnamese Student Association

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4. Twitter:!/VSAatUCD
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Contact Information:

Ben Hu 
Bachelors of Science in Landscape Architecture
Minor in Film Studies
University of California, Davis

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