Saturday, May 11, 2013

UC Davis - Personal Finance Entrepreneur Club 2013

 UC Davis - Personal Finance Entrepreneur Club 2013

UC Davis - Personal Finance Entrepreneur Club 2013


The Personal Finance Entrepreneur Club dedicates its space to providing the UC Davis student community with a source of entrepreneurship education, resources and relationships. We bring financial knowledge, ranging from personal money-management to coordinating your own business, from the post-graduate world to you.

 AggieTV News Coverage:

Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship Club: Manage Your Student Loans!
"The new Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship Club presented a workshop on “Managing Your Student Loans” to answer college students’ questions about financial aid. This workshop featured a representative from the UC Davis Financial Aid Office, Ricardo Buenrostro. This club creates a comfortable environment where college students can learn about student loans and financial aid." - AggieTV 2013

Reported by: Helen Van
Filmed and Edited by: Ruben Rojas
Assistant: Eugenia Chung

Special Thanks:

Kevin HuangPresident
Danielle HowellVice

Honorable Mentions:
Judy Wai, Oscar Jaramillo, Natasha Lie , Maltbie

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Ben Hu 
Bachelors of Science in Landscape Architecture
Minor in Film Studies
University of California, Davis

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